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  1. One aspect of Diablo III we really haven’t been featuring much on the site is the Diablo III World Championship. Sure, we’ve mentioned it a few times in the past, and it’s no secret that the event is happening in February. But still, we really haven’t shared much of the details with you, only that it’s taking place for a week long period on a week-by-week basis.
    That changes today.

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  2. Before starting the recovery process, the program fully scans the disk and checks for hidden files and is able to backup even the most crucial documents.
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  3. Why do you want a set of chapters?

    While you may simply be looking for a few unique title sets as a funny or artistic touch to your videos, other budding filmmakers will have done some pretty clever things that they want to extract from a video and mingle with their own created chapters. This is kind of like the book sorting feature on the PSP, it has to start somewhere, and I have ensured that it will do a decent job for the majority of users.

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  4. Regarding the required format, MIDI To MP3 Maker can convert MIDI files to MP3 or WMA format, and since it is equipped with various sound settings in the conversion process it can also sound options.
    All in all, while MIDI To MP3 Maker is a neat app and some may like its simplicity, its price is a bit steep, and it lacks many features that it may not be as easy to use as it seems.
    Nevertheless, it could be a pretty decent choice for

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  5. Signing up costs $7.50 USD annually. If you become a premium user (person who has enough funds on the payment method tied to their order) you can get other options for unlimited downloads.

    Crochet Pattern: Bug Glove

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    Crochet pattern: Bug Glove

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    Bug Glove

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  6. Insight Contact Management includes powerful string search and filter technology to help you find that needle in the haystack. Quickly find contacts by Name, Last Name, Address, Postal Code, City, State, Country and many more.
    Supports Multiple Users – concurrent uploads (Email) and viewing (Exchange/Outlook Contacts).
    Customizable Email Address for every Contact – mapped ID/Email pairs or randomly generated Email Address (and as many IDs as you like to map)

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  7. Q:

    RequireJS, How do I use a config/option in a module?

    I am thinking of making a module.
    But it will be based on config file.
    It will take values or particular id from a config file and save them as a cache in memory.
    I am experimenting with requireJS and I know how to use a require config, but it looks too complicated.
    Is there a simpler way to do this?


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  8. Now, how does it do on our benchmarks? Read the full reviews to find out.AUGUSTA — The state is expected to return to the general fund Thursday despite weeks of wrangling between Gov. Paul LePage, Democratic legislative leaders and the Comptroller’s Office.

    The Legislature’s fiscal division had long been waiting for the Comptroller’s Office to convert the agency’s $467 million surplus into a credit for the state’

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  10. First of the many plugins is “irc dropdown list”. It may be used to inform the user of a virtual meeting place or just show the user when the user entered in another channel.
    A lot of plugins are described here:

    A social network software to share, discuss and create groups for all your interests in Free webbasics platform. With the Customization facility you can customize your profile with language, avatar, etc. It is

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  11. If you don’t feel like getting into Rainmeter programming, you can easily turn on the clock, adjust time and date and hide the clock too.


    Leave a comment if you’re going to use the theme, share the information, I’ll make more themes based on this theme so don’t forget to give suggestions


    I love this, it’s really good quality and is very unique. Although

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  12. BestTradeStation
    BestTradeStation is an innovative interface for the exchange of digital games, software and media.This program is a free market-based system when it comes to digital goods. The development of this project was initiated by software enthusiasts looking for an easy way to monetize their free time and share the games they are creating.
    BestTradeStation (BTS) is a software platform, which allows players to give away or exchange games, software and other digital goods. It is

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  13. Overall, Easy HR Smart Corner seems stable, though. The program only launches its simple configuration tool when you move the mouse to a corner. It stands out for its user-friendly interface.

    Re: Easy HR Smart Corner is a tool that can automatically start your screensaver when moving the mouse cursor to a specific corner

    Hey I just found this screensaver corner a few hours ago and I decided to give it a try, turned out to be a great little program with unexpected good

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    Using the lines tool you can draw the path you want.
    This software is intended to help you in configuring scanners of various models to recognize each other.

    Munki Play is a complete platform intended to help automate the business of software deployment: the preparation and deployment of Munki platforms.

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  17. However, the application still comes with necessary tools required for creating class diagrams and from time to time there will be some improvements.
    If you do not suffer from command-line fever then you should get UML Editor.
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  19. If you don’t like its user interface or think its interface and functions are not clear enough for you, you can always manually configure them by following the on-screen tips and do away with Batch Word Replace.Hungary’s Orbán critic

    Ramon Glaus

    Budapest, 12 September 2002

    Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán has taken an unprecedented step in backing his foreign minister, who has twice resigned and is
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  20. The software integrates with the Gmail account, and therefore the program requires at least a Google account linked to your computer. GdocsOpen will help you connect to the different parts of Google Drive and allow you to load and send files to Google Docs.
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    Google Docs
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  21. As with Everything, everything present on your computer is searchable, including the entire partition containing C:\ and Windows OS files. By the way, in order to use it, you need to download the app, extract it and put the executable on your computer. Next, you need to launch the executable and point to the registry key below.


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  22. What is it?

    It is a simple GLSL editor and engine that support float-point, vertex and fragment shaders.

    But that is not all. All additional windows like a simple canvas, a 3D camera, an editor, a viewport and a help file are managed through subwindows.
    The application and the subwindows are lightweight and designed to look good on any standard system, regardless of graphical capabilities (compile, edit in RAM or on a
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  23. PCI Configuration Space
    The program can access the PCI Configuration Space (see MSDN). The 4 bytes space are mapped at address 0xFC0 0000 0000 0000 and 0xFCC 0000 0000 0000. You can do read/write operations among the 15 bytes space.
    External Memory Dump
    System memory can be dumped to any file (the dump can be in text or binary mode). If the internal memory space of the system is at least a 1Mbyte the dump area can
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  24. Theoretical considerations on the stability of phospholipids in aqueous solutions.
    There is a continuing demand for good knowledge of phospholipid structure and behavior in solution. Liquid and supercritical-fluid models must yield the correct qualitative features of their properties, and thus there is a need for accurate quantitative data. In this work, the predictions of a recently developed molecular level theory, known as the reverse Monte Carlo (RMC) and Langevin dynamics (LD) techniques
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  25. At the same time, it also provides parents with a convenient tool to keep an eye on the behavior of their children throughout the day, to ensure they follow the rules.

    As most apps out there focus on school, this is a nice take on that idea, and I like a lot. The catch is, it’s not an updated version of the actual textbook, and students need the class materials or don’t have the time, resources, or money to purchase their own
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  26. Using EditorConfig, we can define our coding styles as rules, which are simply a set of rules that Notepad++ will attempt to follow. For example, if we had a rule for formatting that was dependent on the language we were using, we could extend the formatting functionality by simply defining the rule in the default language or newly created languages. Finally, EditorConfig can gather the rules into packages that are stored in your Notepad++ plugins directory. This means that if you wanted to have your Coffee
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  27. Medical Icons for WP7 is designed to be used in combination with our Medical Icons for WPF which offers 136 distinct icons and apps, for healthcare in general.
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    A note about licensing: Medical Icons for WP7 are designed for personal use.
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    You may use the Medical Icons for
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